SCARP – Minimalist Shoot-em-up on Google Play

I put together a very, very simple game for Android in unity, and released it on the google play store. I have huge piles of unfinished prototypes sitting around on my pc. My aim with SCARP was to make the simplest game I could think of, in order to focus on actually finishing and shipping a game.


Download on Google Play

A surprising amount of time and effort goes into polishing a game up to the point at which it can be released. Even things like preparing text and images for the app store page (on which I did a very barebones job), and correctly signing release builds can take a lot of unexpected effort.

Ludum Dare run an annual “October Challenge” in which participants attempt to make a $1 by releasing a game. Partly to get people up to speed with how you can make money with your games, but also I guess to get people used to the idea of giving their games a certain level of financial value. I wanted to do something similar, so I added interstitial ads provided by Chartboost (Mainly because it was incredibly easy to do, in Unity).