Unity3D Portfolio

Experienced Unity Developer ● C# ● Game Design ● Gameplay ● UI/UX Design ● Software Engineering ● Performance ● Build Automation ● iOS, Android, PC and OSX


Developer at Firefly Studios Jan 2012 – Mar 2017
Classic RTS franchises Stronghold and Space Colony
Employee of the Year 2016

Highlighted Projects

Stronghold Kingdoms iOS

App Store | Google Play | Youtube

  • Lead developer on iOS port for Firefly Studios
  • Refactoring legacy code
  • Redesigned and re-implemented scalable UI for iOS devices
  • Redesigned controls for touchscreen gameplay
  • Jenkins CI + Fastlane for automated builds and testflight distribution
  • CPU and memory optimization to be stable and crash-free at 60fps on low-end devices

Stronghold Kingdoms OSX

Mac App Store

  • Helped complete the in-progress OSX port for Firefly Studios
  • Porting .NET game to Unity
  • Added in-app payments and analytics
  • Jenkins CI for automated builds, QA and Store distribution
  • Optimized to run at 60fps on OSX
  • Redesigned login UI

4X Strategy project (WIP)

  • Hobby project, learning how to build a 4X strategy game
  • Dependency injection with Zenject
  • SQLite for managing large number of in-game types and instances
  • Test-Driven Development (Unit, Integration tests) using Unity Test Tools
  • Engineered as reusable modules, using Projeny


itch.io | Google Play | App Store

  • Hobby project, simple strategy/TD/mining game
  • PC, Android (Feb ’16) and iOS (Apr ’17)
  • Unity Cloud Builds
  • Expanded Ludum Dare entry


Google Play

  • Hobby project, publishing and monetizing a game
  • Simple action game for touchscreen
  • Published Mar ’15
  • 1,100 downloads, 4.65 rating (26 reviews)
  • Chartboost interstitial ads


  • Virtual Reality project made for Ludum Dare 37
  • Makes use of Oculus Touch controllers
  • Generates near infinite library of procedural gibberish
  • Ranked 17th (of 1489) for innovation


  • Web Design Technologies CertHE – Birkbeck College
  • Graphic Design Short Course – Central St. Martins College
  • Biochemistry BSc – University of Leeds